What A Tangoed Web…

The people in this story are fictional, sort of, soooo, any resemblance to you or anyone you know is purely coincidental.  Sort of.

Oh, what a tangoed web we weave.

Maxine and Warren were a deeply devoted couple until Maxine felt an even deeper connection with Damon.  One night after a tantalizing Tanturi tanda, Damon told Maxine how much he admired her adornments and she said that his sacadas nearly knocked her sox off.  Now, Damon is no dummy.  He picked up right away that she might be hinting about sharing more than steamy footwork.  After a few exciting nights of passionate paseos and playful planeos, they’ve shared everything from pillows to passwords.

Warren ditched tango after Maxine ditched him.  One night he stopped by to pick up his favorite, ok only, pair of dance shoes, and Wilma caught his eye.  She had just learned that her Argentine lover is married and she won’t be moving to Buenos Aires after all.  Wilma needed to talk.  Warren is a good listener and rumor has it they shared more that night than cabeceo, Canaro, cabernet and a cab.

Franz thought he was pre-teee clever dating Etta and Mabel at the same time.  However, anyone with an IQ larger than their shoe size thought he was being pre-teee stupid.  When Etta and Mabel found out about each other, Franz nearly lost his assets in the melee.

Velma and Leroy were on their way to becoming a cozy couple until their spouses noticed how co-zeee they were becoming.  After a very quiet ride home, each spouse dragged out their tango pre-nup.  The fine print said that if someone were filing joint tax returns with said spouses, it would behoove them to behave.  Leroy and Velma had no clue what behooving was and finding out wasn’t on their Bucket List, so they behaved.  A few weeks later, they had all had their fill of mangled toes and egos, so they switched to bowling and lived happily ever after.

Zipporah and Stewart were mad about each other until they started getting mad AT each other.  Her wonky ochos drove him crazy and his “maulinetes” (m-a-u-l-inetes) made her nauseous.  When Zippy said she wished his enrosques were bigger, Stewart stomped out and went looking for a partner with bigger…boleos.

Zipporah was happy with Rusty until Kyle swept her off her axis with his vibrant volcadas.  She left Rusty and his giant enrosques dangling in the proverbial wind, so he went to find someone who likes snappy ganchos and quickie…leg wraps.

One night nearly every former of every ex dropped by.  It was an evening of maudlin melodrama and masterful maneuvering with strategic games of cat and mouse, hide and seek and duck-duck-goose.  Most observers were able to stifle their guffaws, but there was an awkward moment whenever someone accidentally LOL’d.

Then the twins showed up.  Tall, gorgeous, brainy, red-heads.  It was really hard to tell Medulla and Oblongata apart, however the men didn’t really care who was who.  They would have gladly exchanged entradas with either one, or even better, with both, at the same time.  The chances of that happening were slim to none so they had to be content with their imaginary tango-au-trois.

Folks not mangled, dangled or tangled in the tangoed web are happily wed, weird, wired, or just too tired to fool around.

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