After Their First Milonga

Lucita:  It was awesome!  Kind of like a prom for grown-ups.  Women wore heels that must have needed training wheels to learn how to dance in.  Necklines were down to here and skirts had slits up to almost there. Men wore dressy stuff like sport coats and real suits.

The music was great but I couldn’t understand the words. It sounded like they were singing in a foreign language. And every once in a while, the DJ would play something no one liked. Almost everyone would leave the floor and didn’t come back till he played another tango. You’d think he’d figure that out.

Some guys started telling me what to do as soon as we started dancing. It was nice of them to help and if learning is that easy I may not even need to pay for lessons. .

I stayed to the end and recognized the very last song. You know, the one that goes, ba-rum-pa pum pum, pum pum pum pum pum, rum pa pum-pum…

I can’t wait to go again but I need to wear something more tango-ey. And shoes, I definitely need spikey shoes.

Noel: It was awful.  My brain froze.  My feet went numb. Or the other way around. Two women said “Thank you” after one dance. I kept crashing into my partner or crashing her into something. How am I supposed to lead without using my arms? And how am I supposed to think about what to do when women are almost dressed from Victoria’s Not-So Secret? My ego is shredded right now but I want to learn even if it means taking a few more lessons.

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