Polly's Tango Talk

After Their First Milonga

From “Tango and Life”

Lucita:  It was awesome!  Kind of like a prom for grown-ups.  Women wore heels that look like they need training wheels to learn how to dance in.  Necklines were down to here and skirts had slits up to there.  Men wore sport coats or suits and looked hot, temperature-wise, and ladies looked hot in other ways.

Now and then a guy would keep looking at me. I would look away because it was a little creepy and I thought they might be stalking. I might report it to the Host next time.

One of the women said that some men dance only with beginners so they can teach them, but I was grateful to have anyone ask me. If they started telling me what to do or where to step, I just smiled and did what they asked. I might not even need to take lessons if learning is that easy.

I danced with a couple of guys from class and asked one of them to please loosen his grip on my hand. He mumbled something about how it would be nice if I held my own weight so he wouldn’t have to have back surgery.  Sheesh.  A couple of partners led me to do things I didn’t know I could do and made me feel like I was actually following.

Some guys assumed I knew how and/or wanted to dance smack up against them.  It was much better dancing with the men who let me set the distance.

Every so often the DJ would play something that nobody liked.  You could tell because almost everyone left the floor and didn’t come back till he put on another tango.

I stayed to the end and the very last song was the only one I recognized the whole night.  You know, the one that goes, ba-rum-pa pum pum pum, pum pum pum pum pum pum pum, ba-rum-pa pum-pum pum pum.  Can’t wait to do it again.  There must be something in my closet that says “tango.” And shoes, I’ll definitely need new shoes.

Noel: It was awful.  My brain froze.  My feet fumbled.  Two partners said “Thank you” after one dance and I’ve heard that’s not a good thing. I couldn’t make it around the floor without crashing into my partner or or crashing my partner into something. How do men lead without using their arms? And how do I focus on dancing when the women are almost dressed from Victoria’s Not-So Secret?  I saw some ladies dancing with their eyes closed. How did they know where to step?  Tango ESP? My ego is temporarily shredded but I want to learn how to do this even if it means taking a few more lessons.

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