Polly's Tango Talk

If I Ruled the Tango World, Part II

**Women would learn how to maintain a firm axis and comfortable frame from Day One.

**Ladies of a certain age would not wear apparel that reveals the long-term affects of gravitational pull.


**Followers would spend some time leading in order to understand the importance of stepping with intention and how the dance feels from the other side of the embrace. 


**Women would not do boleos on the floor until they understand how they work, how they are led, and that they are not self-directed.  (If it’s not led, and doesn’t involve a quick change of axis direction, it’s a kick.)


**Followers would express to DJs and partners which moves and styles of music we prefer and those we do not.  (It would be immensely interesting to see the differences between our preferences and those of men, if any, and how each might be accommodated.)


**Embellishments would be musically inspired rather than “flashy” inspired. 


**Followers would keep their head out of their partner’s space.  This would improve the posture of both and prevent hairstyles from getting mushed. 


**Women who wear barely-there tops, see through fabrics, and/or revealing necklines, backlines, midriff lines, would check a mirror from all angles and ask for a trusted friend’s opinion before leaving home.


**Experienced followers would not teach on the milonga floor.  At a Practica, yes, but  only with approval and arrangement made with partner.


**Women would memorize popular songs played at milongas as early as possible in their tango life.


**Women would learn the basics of elegant walking before attempting showy stuff.  Walking is the essence of the dance.  Beautiful walking equals beautiful tango.


**Women would consistently say “No” to men who teach on the floor, overlead, underlead, do not have a comfortable embrace, do not hear the music, etc. 


**Women would treat their spikey heels as lethal weapons and place them carefully when stepping. 


**Followers would continue taking classes no matter how long they’ve danced.  Our need for instruction is just as important as for men.

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