It’s All About Attitude

Attitude affects everything we say and do. We can be positive, negative, neutral, somewhere between or a combination. Beginners are generally enthusiastic about learning tango, however, they can become disillusioned.
Women who are left sitting most of the night and men who are repeatedly turned down may feel that the community is “unfriendly” or “elitist” or “cliquish.”  This isn’t necessarily accurate but perception can make it seem so. When experienced and new dancers reach out to each other, an over-all positive attitude is likely to be maintained within in the community.
When skilled dancers remain humble and remember how folks encouraged and supported them when they were struggling with this-foot-goes-here-that-foot-goes-there, they are likely to pass that encouragement along. Volunteers and event hosts can help newcomers transition from class to milonga by taking time to welcome folks personally and/or perhaps having a special “Welcome to Thursday Milonga” (or whatever) sign on a table near the entrance as a way of saying “We’re glad you’re here.”
Volunteers might spend an hour or two at the table (or designated area) greeting, introducing dancers to each other, and dancing with folks who join them. Whatever we can do to help establish and maintain a positive atmosphere will be good for tango and good for the community.

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