It’s All About Giving Back

IMO, this phase should begin as soon as we are confident that tango is the dance for us. After we’ve become acquainted with a few teachers, hosts, organizers, we can offer to assist in any way that matches our artistic, professional or technical skills. (Set up/clean up/promotion/decoration/etc.) Each community is guided by, and flourishes because of, the efforts of those who contribute their time, talents and resources. (There is a financial risk in hosting a milonga, visiting teacher or special event.)
We  can show appreciation for the contributions of those who came before us, and those who helped create and maintain the events we enjoy and benefit from, by assisting in any way possible. Giving back can mean dancing with beginners or someone who has been sitting on the sidelines for an extended period.
It can mean distributing flyers to classes, practicas and milonga. Or it can mean supporting the events we enjoy and saying “Thank you” to the people responsible. Giving back keeps tango alive and lets the people who teach, host, plan events, know that their efforts are appreciated. They need our encouragement and support as much as we need theirs. Win win.

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