It’s All About Preferences

People in this stage of the game have typically been in tango a considerable length of time and prefer to wai…..t for the “right” music and a preferred partner to be available at the same time.
The number of dances they do in an evening is no longer of import. Quality trumps quantity, big time. They’ve likely spent years developing partnerships and memorizing countless songs. Followers visit casually with friends while remaining discreetly attuned to selected leaders, and have developed subtle ways of letting preferred partners know when the music is “right.”
Leaders have the same skills, just different methods. One approach is to languish inconspicuously on the sidelines, ready to take action if and when the music is “right.” They are keenly aware where certain followers are located, and in an instant can connect with a well-timed cabeceo, meet and escort the lady of choice to the floor.
It can take a very long time to attain pleasurable connections with some partners and with others it can happen the first step we take together.

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