It’s All About the Music

The music played at milongas, practicas, and classes, can make the difference between dancing and great dancing. Our connection with music can range from having a favorite song or two to knowing every orchestra by name, style, era, and having preferences and opinions about each.  It can involve carefully listening to music at practicas, milongas, and, most importantly, on our own. Hours and hours on our own…in every device, in every location.
Ideally beginners would be taught from the first step that tango is driven by the music, and that the more we listen, the better we dance. Some folks patiently (relatively speaking) wait for songs that inspire them before they seek a partner and enter the floor. Choices might be determined by orchestra, style, rhythm, vocalist, tempo, mood, era.
Music that doesn’t ring our chimes may be another’s favorite; it is all good, for someone. Musical preferences are a matter of taste, and liking or not liking certain tunes does not make them any better or worse than anyone else’s preferences.
Serious enthusiasts study, collect, organize, categorize, develop a passion for, and deep appreciation, of their favorite styles, orchestras, etc. Some who become very serious enter the world of DJing. DJs meticulously select their playlists based on pleasing the majority of their audience the majority of the time while maintaining a dynamic level of energy during the hours they are responsible for.
Music is the heartbeat and soul of the dance.

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