It’s All About the Social Scene

At a milonga, the primary goal is to share our passion for tango and to be in the company of others with the same desire. At established milongas there is often a table somewhere near the DJ (or other area) where “certain” people (sometimes referred to as the “in” crowd) gather, and who are there by some connection to others in the group.
Perhaps they’re the event host, current squeeze of the DJ, dating someone in the “in” crowd, or…you get the idea. Every ongoing gathering develops a social strata and where we fall within that realm can depend on a number of factors. In tango, what qualifies folks most often to occupy “The” table is their level of dance.
For the rest of us…in general, women like to sit with friends while men prefer to sit or stand alone.  A friendly social scene can make the difference between someone staying and walking away for the time being or forever.
The social scene is usually our connection to potential partners, acquaintances, and, in some cases, lifelong friends, and our interaction with others can make the difference between a so-so night, a good night and a great night, socially speaking.

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