Life continually reminds us that “perfection” is a fantasy, yet we continue to hope that “fate,” “karma” or our definition of an “intelligent, omnipotent power” will match us with people, situations and entities that meet our needs and bring us as close as possible to “perfection.”

Enter tango. This entity fulfills needs we may not have even known we had, in addition to expanding our desire to learn, heightening our awareness of how our words and actions affect others, increasing our desire to reach our potential, building delicious connections and providing us with personal pleasures that suddenly (or gradually) become “necessities.” Perfection in a dance. Who knew?

As we progress we begin to seek the “perfect” tango with the “perfect” partner to the “perfect” music, and, for women, in the “perfect” shoes. That’s a lot of “perfect” but we are undaunted. The more we dance the more optimistic (on most days) we become that “perfect” is patiently waiting for us and that we could cross paths with it at any moment.

Along the way we get close enough, (we think) now and then to motivate us to continue, and even double our efforts. Although we are confronted by imperfection on a regular basis, we look forward with cautious optimism to the next lesson, the next partner, the next tanda.

At first we move with unsure steps and wavering confidence, yet we are encouraged through positive experiences with fellow enthusiasts on and off the floor. As a result, we are inspired to apply our best efforts toward becoming a highly desirable partner and skilled dancer.

 We are vulnerable over-sized children, peering at the world through transparent bravado and peek-a-boo insecurities. Beneath our masquerade of stylish dresses and tailored suits, we are lovable wimps, with easily bruised egos. We seek approval and acceptance, and on some days, we look to tango to fulfill something missing in our life. It does not always go our way but when it does, it can make us feel like we’re approaching perfection.

 Although perfection remains just beyond our reach, we discover hidden treasures within each embrace, each connection, each moment.

 Seeking tango is more than learning a dance, and much more than a treasure hunt for elusive perfection, but you already knew that or you wouldn’t be reading this.


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