Potential Side Effects

Tangorexia…..Dietary limitations until we fit into that certain dress.

Tangolusion…..Envisioning our dance as the envy of all.

 Tangoability…..Primary criterion that determines wardrobe purchases.

 Tangquility…..At peace with the world in the arms of a great partner.

 Tangslexia…..Leader’s impairment when analyzing follower’s footwork.

 Tangility…..Cirque de Boleo flexibility.

 Tang-O-Matic…..Auto-cruzada and self-propelled ochos.

 Tang-O-Rama….. Ups and downs between feeling like a genius and a moron.

 Tangossip…..Mostly unfounded rumors, but if juicy enough, may circulate indefinitely.

Tangrouchy…..Mood of the tango-deprived.

 Tanglopedic….. Letting us know how much we don’t know.  Doesn’t know we know how much he/she doesn’t know.

 Tangtonic…..Brain freezes.  Feet keep moving.

 Tangaural…..Hearing  picks up anything resembling a tango.

 Tangamorous…..Dancing vertical, thinking horizontal.

 Tangover…..Aftermath following umptythree hours of bliss and amiss

 Tangotality…..Putting it all together for even one magical moment.

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