Story of La Mariposa


Color Tango

After countless times of listening to my favorite Color Tango selection, “La Mariposa” one day when listening it struck me how brilliantly they had expressed the life cycle of a butterfly.

First the lumbering caterpillar finds its way to where it will begin an incredible transformation. We hear the chrysalis form and upon completion, the music softens as miraculous changes take place within.

As the wings emerge, stronger music guides us through this phase of the cycle. The music gently leads us through the continuing changes. Gradually we hear the pulse as the owner’s heart begins pumping life through its newly formed veins. We hear our new earth-mate stretching, strengthening its delicate, powerful, wings, discarding its past, preparing to enter its future.

We can almost visualize its maiden flight as the music rises, and silently rejoice as we imagine an exquisite new being soaring gracefully, exploring its new home and playground. And…listening carefully, we hear as it lands somewhere, ever so gently, on the perfectly timed, barely audible, incredibly moving, final note




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