Polly's Tango Talk

Tango Influences

How many of these describe you?

1-5=Barely started.        6-10=On your way.      11+=Point of no return.

 ___Arrive late or leave social gatherings early to attend tango event.

___Carry dance shoes in your car at all times.

___Consider or are taking or have taken Spanish.

___Continually encourage friends and family to just try it.

___Discuss “Real Tango” with anyone who’ll listen.

___Have a blog.

___Have more tango friends on Facebook than all others combined.

___Hum songs you don’t know the names of.

___Include tango on trips for business or pleasure.

___Keep dancing when it hurts to walk.

___Learn how to prepare Argentine cuisine.

___Listen to tango radio station from Buenos Aires.

___Look for apparel in thrift shops.

___Maintain certain weight in order to fit certain clothes.

___Move furniture to create practice space.

___Name pets tango-related words.

___Notice tango music in commercials, movies, TV shows.

___Plan tango as your Bride and Groom dance.

___Post tango events first on your calendars.

___Practice figures from You Tube.

___Practice poses in reflective surfaces.

___Purchase apparel based on tango-appropriateness.

___Purchase tango-related concert/performance tickets as soon as they’re on sale.

___Read stuff like this.

___Refer to tango in your phone message and/or holiday letter.

___Rent movies with the T word in title.

___Select pre-milonga meals carefully.

___Spend spare time searching tango web sites.

___Subscribe to and post messages on tango lists.

___Schedule surgery and dental work around tango schedule.

___Tango ring tones on your phone.

___Understand what “Life In A Dance” means.

___Volunteer at tango events.

___Wish you had found tango eons ago.

___Other/s.  And there will be others.

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