Polly's Tango Talk

Tango Is Perfect For…

Flexible folk

Males who can bend every direction and females who can kick the back of their head.


Who like to make stuff up while trying to look like they know what they’re doing.

 Introverts and extroverts

Who might be surprised when they uncover the hidden persona of their alter-ego.

Amateur sleuths

Obsessed with solving mysteries cuz this one’s a doozy.


Continually seeking more drama in their life.

 The Self-assured

Who think they are quick learners.

 Mischievous rascals

Who enjoy watching the self-assured struggle with the same things we struggle with.

 Fashionistas and their fans

Women in gorgeous gowns and stunning shoes.  Men with a pulse.

 The naive

Who believe anything they hear and do whatever they’re told by someone who says “trust me.”

 The wizened

Ready to spend the future unlearning bad habits picked up in the past.

People with

OCD who become fixated on the latent pleasures of repetition.

 People who believe

That humiliation and intimidation help build character and that we can’t have too much character.

 Devoted couples

Who think they would never go their separate ways over which foot goes where.

 Anyone who’s

Slightly to moderately imperfect and is willing to accept it, over and over, and a few more overs.


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