“Tango Quest” and “Tango and Life”

Each book covers over 100 topics and is written with twenty-plus  years of AT experience, more than a half-century of life experience, plus insight and that which makes us smile and keeps us sane, humor.

“Tango Quest” is a detailed overview and description of etiquette, traditions, terms, basics, and how they all fit together. A valuable resource and reference

“Tango and Life” explores many of the ways we connect with others on and off the dance floor, and how our words and actions affect our dance and non-dance interactions. A kind of “dance unto others…” resource and reference.

Price: $20 each   $35 set   Includes postage. Write: pollystangtalk@gmail.com for details.

How TQ and T&L came about:

After dancing tango for eight years, and still feeling like a novice now and then, I kept being reminded how easily beginners can become overwhelmed. So I decided to write a “Things Beginners Need to Know” booklet of about ten pages. My list included about 100 topics and then I couldn’t find any that beginners did NOT need to know. So, “All Things Argentine Tango” became my first book.

Clay Nelson and I had co-produced Portland’s “Tango Fest” since 1996, and in 2005ish, we wrote and self-published “Tango Festival Operations Manual.” When that was completed, post-writem depression set in. I needed a new project; something I had not seen anything written about. Aha! The male/female aspects of tango. A wealth of material became  “Tango with  Mars and Venus.”

Several topics in ATAT and TWMAV were similar so I combined them in to “Tango Quest.” The next set of topics that came to mind revolved around our connections on and off the dance floor. “Tango and Life” came out about ten years ago.

All are self-published and have received 99.9% positive reviews. In the interest of full disclosure, the one negative comment was, “I did not get my money’s worth because there are no pictures.” [Still aren’t.]

Readers’ comments:

“Tango Quest” and “Tango and Life” are the best books I have read on tango. Seriously. They are the smartest descriptions, especially those on relationships and communication.” Omar Romagnoli, Rosario, Argentina

Your writing is inspiring, evocative, descriptive, and captures the essence of tango. Being an author, I know how to recognize a person’s adeptness in the art of writing and you have it. Antón Gazenbeek, New York

Your insightful observations of the tango world are funny, clever and poignant. Tango dancers should not miss them. Clay Nelson, Medford, OR

You are a keen observer of all things tango. Those new to tango should read your books and those who know tango will recognize themselves in many of your descriptions.” Kent Merrill Honokaa, Hi

 You write with such wisdom but I am smiling the whole time! Thank you for sharing your insight, sensitivity and sensibility. Your books should be mandatory reading. Elizabeth English, Hood River, OR

 My wife and I had a ball reading your books. I enjoyed the style of each page being a “chapter” on a different segment of tango, but most of all I like your style and “take” on tango.” George Van Fleet, Eugene, OR

You are a keen observer and very insightful about human nature as it plays out in Tango. Your books are a gift to the tango community. They are well crafted and really draw the reader in. It is hard to put them down. Robert Good, Portland OR 

I can’t say enough positive about your books. You write so efficiently and eloquently. Paul Stangeland, Newport OR

Difficult to put your books down. I wish I could have read them when I first got involved with tango. Lila Darwin, Dallas, TX.

I love your books because they come from experience–you don’t speculate, you have lived it! Robert St. James, Portland, OR

Your books are charming, enlightening, amusing, and informative. Fred Lamb, Portland OR










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