Tango Writing

1991 Argentine Tango dance-napped me and the quest began for something in print that confirmed or countered whether my mental, emotional and physical responses to this enigmatic entity were anywhere near “normal” (and/or if there was a “normal.”) No results.

1999 Decided to fill that void and write:  “A Few Things Tango Beginners Need to Know.” After listing 100 topics related to the dance, its music and etiquette, I couldn’t figure out what beginners didn’t need to know, so it became “All Things Argentine Tango.” Response was very encouraging.

1996 Clay Nelson created Tango Fest and ValenTango and invited me to assist. Both events became highly successful and in 2005, Clay edited my writing of “Tango Festival Operation Manual.” (claysdancestudio.com.)

2005 “Tango with Mars and Venus” explored the male/female aspects of tango. Later, ATAT and TWMV were combined, topics added, format revised, and became…

2008 “Tango Quest describes, explains and discusses all pieces of the Tango Puzzle, how they fit together, complement each other, and how they affect us on and off the floor.

2010 “Tango and Life” explores personal and interpersonal aspects of tango. Both books offer insight, humor and experience drawn from nearly a quarter century of learning, loving and living Argentine Tango.




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