Movies About Tango Music

“Cafe de los Maestros” is a documentary about senior musicians rehearsing for a special concert.  It’s incredible watching/listening to the Masters play.

“El Ultimo Bandoneón” is a documentary about a musician who auditions for an orchestra being organized by a Rudolfo Mederos, and her search for a new bandoneón.  The featured musicians in this film are seasoned bandoneónists and their music is the essence of tango.  This  is also available on Link TV.

“Si Sos Brujo” is another fine documentary with performances by various bandoneón masters.  It is the story of a young Argentine musician who races to find the legendary maestros of tango’s Golden Age.  he wants to learn and preserve the exquisitely nuanced music played by the tango orchestras of BsAs in the 1940’s before the secrets of the real tango are lost forever.  (Quote from cover of the DVD.)  Pugliese, Troilo, Piazzolla orchestras that are studied closely and paid tribute to.

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