What Gives Int. Women Nightmares

Andy      You’re the first to see the keen  move I made up.

Barry      Just learning back sacadas. Hope the kick doesn’t leave a bruise.

Carl        Can I give you a hint how to do that?

Dal          I never can hear the beat in songs like this.

Eaton     We can do showier stuff if we move to the center.

Fred        That’s not what I thought  I led.

Gary       Oops, didn’t see that chair. You ok?

Hank      Guess you haven’t learned that one.

Ivan       If you take bigger steps our feet won’t bump.

Jake        This floor is too crowded to do anything.

Lon         My last partner was amazing.

Mel         So…your husband doesn’t dance?

Ned         Is there anything I can help you with?

Orvin      Walking is kinda of boring. I’d rather do more tricks.

Pete        Is that Canaro or Troilo?  I can’t tell them apart.

Quia       Cabeceo never works so I quit trying to use it.

Ron        Sneakers are my favorite dance shoes.

Stan        Just had a great burrito for dinner.

Uvan      (Talks about himself in cortinas.)

Wes        (Still using arms to push and pull.)

Xeron     (Takes giant steps for everything.)

Yan        (Does not wait for her weight changes.)

Zeppo    (Hums, sniffles, breathes loudly.)


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