Why Int. Men Minds Implode


Alice                       I’m trying out my new 4” heels tonight.

Bea                         That’s not how the teacher showed us.

Corrine                   I can tell what you’re going to do next.

Dahlia                    The teacher’s watching. Maybe she’ll help you.

Emma                    Why are you taking basics classes when you’re an intermediate?

Felina                     I love traspie. Is that what we were doing?

Greta                      I’m having fun with both tango and ballroom.

Hilda                      Thank you. (After one dance.)

Inez                        Ok to show you a smoother way to do that?

Jaylene                  Sorry if my hair gets in your face.

Karny                     Finding places for ganchos is my new thing.

Lena                       Are we in parallel or crossed? I never can tell.

arla                         Mike leads that a different way.

Nona                      Look! Tom and Alice are leaving together.

Olive                       The men in BsAs are so awesome!

Portia                     I know it’s a milonga but can I show you something?

Quilla                     What was that supposed to be?

Roxy                      How do you like my Moroccan hair rinse?

Styra                      What do you mean “style?”

Theta                     I might be catching a cold.

Ursa                        (Looks around for next partner.)

Vexel                      (Talks while dancing.)

Wilma                    (Mystery aroma activates his allergy.)

Xera                       (No axis.)

Youli                      (Hangs, leans, grips, back leads.)

Zinny                     (Embellishes ad nausea.)

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