Why Beg. Men’s Heads Explode

Annabelle:  What step are you going to lead first?

Bertha:        Joe said I should start on the other foot.

Corrine:      Which foot am I supposed to be on?

Daphne:      How will I know where to step if there’s no pattern?

Ernestine:    How many ochos are you going to lead?

Freda:          Is the cross always done in the same place?

Georgine:    Was that supposed to be a molinete?

Hazel:          I need more time for my embellishments.

Ima:             I love tango on TV. Is that what we’ll learn?

Jewel:          I thought I was supposed to cross here.

Kayla:         Your steps are too big. I can’t keep up..

Latisha:      My other partners lead that a different way.

Maxine:     What was I supposed to do there?

Nellie:       Following is harder than leading, I can tel alreadyl.

Opal:        These new 3” heels make me a little wobbly.

Patsy:       I’m learning how to follow at free drop-in lessons.

Quinta:    Can you lead more tricky stuff?

Roxy:       It feels like you’re rowing a boat.

Stella:     That move works when my teacher leads it.

Tamika:   Do you like my perfume?

Ursula:    Could you put your arm higher on my back?

Verneta:   I get nauseous when we do molinetes.

Willa:      Could you move your arm down a little?

Xandra:   Could you move your arm over a little?

Yvonne:   I can do molinetes if you lead them right.

Zelda:     No, thank you. I don’t dance with beginners.

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