It’s All About the Partner

After several weeks or months we’ve likely shared an embrace with many partners and made numerous decisions about who we do and do not enjoy dancing with. Some partners we return to again and again while with others, once is enough, and sometimes more so.
Leaders become selective about who they invite and followers become selective about who we make ourselves available to. Everyone’s goal is still to dance as much as possible, but now we prefer it to be with certain people. We might have specific partners for vals, others for milongas, others for tango and maybe some for certain orchestras.
If we are in a couple, there may be certain songs or orchestras we dance to only with each other. We might experience magic with someone for a moment, a song, a tanda, or, in rare instances, a lifetime. “Caution” is the operative word when determining whether what we are feeling is “tango lust” or if there really is something special happening.
We can be easily fooled under the right circumstances…dim lights, romantic music, torso to torso, you know the scene. We all know someone who has been swept away under tango’s spell and who regretted it for a very long time later. On the other hand, we can experience intimacy on a platonic level with a long-time friend or someone whose name we do not know.
Over time we will develop great partnerships and partners make the difference between dancing and great dancing.

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