Why Beg. Women Get Migraines

Brandon:   Your molinetes should be faster.

Cecil:          You need to take bigger steps.

Dexter:      I led two ochos and you did six more on your own.

Elias:         Why are you taking such big steps?

Forrest:     You should land on your heel not your toes.

Giles:        Put your arm all the way around my neck.

Hiram:    You’re not supposed to keep your knees bent.

Ivan:       Are you in the cross?

Jasper:    I hope you like ochos. I love leading them.

Kirby:     I’ll ask the teacher to help you.

Lance:    My other partners follow that ok.

Micah:    You almost got that right.

Nevin:    Sorry my hand is all sweaty.

Otto:       Can I show you how to do that?

Pierce:   You should be on the other foot.

Quinn:   Are you taking lessons or watching videos?

Rupert:   You’re supposed to bend your knees.

Silas:      Why are you trying to lead?

Tobias:   Why are you landing on your heel first?

Uri:         Relax, trust me. Women like the way I lead.

Vic:          Which foot are you on?

Wyatt:     You could have done an embellishment there.

Zane:       Your embellishments are distracting..

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