Tango and Maturity

Through the passing of time we gain wisdom and understanding of a million things we had no clue about in our youth. We learn how to learn and that “ego-me-go” takes us nowhere. We understand love, loss, longing and the lessons that life has led us through. Time tick-tick-tickfully reminds of us our m-m-m-mortality.

Each year we have more to offer and more to share. We bring more to the floor and receive increasing pleasure and benefits from each dance, partnership, fellowship, the music and overall experience.

The pleasures of being held by a desirable partner, dancing to ingenious music, leading and following interesting choreography, and living in the moment help create powerful connections and rewarding, sentimental footprints that enrich our life and enhance our soul and enrich our sole.

In our youth we would have enjoyed the music, being in close proximity with an attractive partner, playing and connecting as today’s youth does. In our maturity we have all that and more. It’s the “more” that takes our dance above and beyond fiery footwork, technique, and athleticism into becoming inextricably intertwined in our very being.

We love watching young people dance, knowing that somewhere in time they will understand much more about tango from having traveled further along life’s journey. Meanwhile, we will share unspoken understandings with them as they share their exuberance with us.

Music touches us even more deeply as time passes. It goes beneath the surface as our heart and soul mature. We may not understand the words in Spanish, but we understand the feelings they convey.

Each time we dance our tango ebbs and flows just as we do. Over time we have connected with countless partners for short intervals that have created an accumulation of untold floor miles and smiles. We have learned the importance of considering others and that tango takes care of us in ways nothing else can. We’ve learned to nurture friendships and partnerships and through this we are stronger, more vibrant and optimistic about life and all its accouterments. We have learned to trust this amazing dance and to allow ourselves to be swept away in its splendor.

With maturity comes balance, growth, selective vulnerability, gratitude for and understanding of tango’s wit, wisdom, wizardry and wonder.

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