Tango Fitness Test

Score One Boleo If…

You have danced tango in a parking lot, restaurant, grocery store, on the beach, or other unusual place.

You’ve experienced more intimacy in three minutes on the dance floor than you have in some of your long-term relationships.

You have brought more dance shoes to a tango event than most people have in their entire closet.

You’ve taken meticulous notes and can’t make heads or tails out of them.

Your  CD or shoe collection may be worth more than your car.

You’ve had a corn, bunion, callus, or shoe surgically removed.

You’ve left a milonga early to savor an exquisite moment.

You’ve left a milonga early to get past a miserable moment.

Your Christmas letter, phone message, license plate or screen name are tango related.

You have a self-inflicted wound or scar below the knee.

You have mourned the loss of a favorite pair of shoes.

You have felt a partner’s stomach growl.

You’ve been moved to tears by a memorable moment.

You purchase clothes on the basis of their tangoability.

You’ve ended a relationship because your former didn’t just “get it.”

You have danced with a favorite partner to a favorite song and not known the name of either.

You have dressed from the earrings down or the shoes up.

Your friends listen politely about your passion  but you can tell they think you’ve gone a little goofy.

You have left the floor wearing a martyr’s smile and a flaming reminder that flying heels are lethal.

You have thought “I am not an idiot.  I am not an idiot.  I am not…”

You are still reading, have thought of other examples and are toying with the idea of writing a book.

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